FRES in Burkina Faso

Great light in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, FRES supplies light and electricity by installing Solar Home Systems at households and small companies via the local company Yeelen Ba.

Yeelen Ba, which means ‘great light’ is active in the province of Kénédougou, an area with over 300,000 inhabitants. Kénédougou is just across the border from the area in Mali where the FRES company Yeelen Kura is active. The living conditions in the adjoining regions are similar. Yeelen Ba collaborates with the ACP EU-Energy Facility (9th EDF).

Situation in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a Sub-Saharan country with 20 million inhabitants. The country ranks 183rd in the most recent Human Development Index of UNDP, thus belonging to the poorest nations in the world. 81% of the inhabitants has no access to electricity.

Terrorist attacks have been committed in Ouagadougou, as well as in the north, east, west and south-west of Burkina Faso since 2016 and are becoming more numerous.

Access to electricity

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Facts & figures

Year founded   2008
Shareholders   100% FRES
Products and services   SHS
Number of customers   2,925
Number of energy shops   13
Number of employees   31
Capacity   240 kWp

Infographic of customers Yeelen Ba

Management Yeelen Ba

Bourama Keita General Manager
Coen de Ronde Chairman
Symon Miedema Board Member
Michiel Leunis Board Member

Mr Traore Issa about Yeelen Ba: 

Mr Traore Issa is the representative of mobile payment company Airtel Burkina in the area of Samogohiri that is powered by Yeelen Ba:
I like the quality of the material that is used by Yeelen Ba, which is much better than that found on the local market. The impact of the services of Yeelen Ba has been very large for me: the monthly turnover is now about € 3000, while charging of mobile phones, photocopying for schools and the local administration, uploading video’s and music makes me earn more than € 1250 a year.

His wife just opened a small beauty parlor to increase the family income. Mr.Traore Issa has three children. His parents and his 5 brothers and sisters also depend on his income.


Mr Traore Issa

If you would like to learn more about Yeelen Ba please click here to find more information and the latest updates on this Facebook page.