Map of FRES in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

NuRa in Kwazulu-Natal

In South Africa, FRES delivers energy to households and small companies via the company NuRa.

The head office is located in Mkuze in Kwazulu-Natal, which is one of the least developed provinces in the country. Approximately 70% of the population in this region does not have access to electricity.

South Africa (1,219,912 km²) has over 50 million inhabitants, of which 50% lives in poverty due to extreme differences in income and a high level of unemployment. The country holds the 118th position on the most recent Human Development Index of the UNDP.FRES in south africa screen

Access to electricity in South-Africa

Of all inhabitants, about 75% has access to electricity. The political situation in the country is generally stable, but there was a lot of political jostling as elections approached in 2014. Non-grid electrification programmes in South Africa may be used as an election campaign pawn.

Facts & figures

Year founded   2001
Shareholders   80% Nuon
Products and services   SHS & LPG
Number of customers   18,065
Number of sales points   9
Number of employees   96
Capacity   1,365 kWp

Overview of customers Nura, FRES South Africa

Management NuRa

Coen de Ronde Chairman
Bart Blokland Board Member (on behalf of REESET)
Jolan Dalati Board Member
Michelle Makoni General Manager

Mr. Sduduze Mathenjwa works in a grocery shop at Emajwayiza. His view on the impact of FRES: 

‘Because of the lighting in the shop the period of trading is extended from sunset to 9pm. We can help more customers and make more revenue. Otherwise we would use a generator and candles. Generator costs are high and candles have a low lighting efficacy and pose a greater risk for fires.’

Impact FRES in South Africa: custormer in front of shop

Mr. Sduduzo Mathenjwa in front of the shop

Impact FRES in South Africa: interior grocery shop

Interior of the shop