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Light in Uganda

FRES Uganda was founded in 2010. The company delivers Solar Home System-services to the south-west of Uganda in ten districts in the provinces of Mbarara, Bushenyi, and Isingiro.

During the next years four more districts will be added, among these, districts in Rukungiri. The head office is located in Mbarara. There are 400,000 households and small companies in the area in which FRES is active.

Watch the movie and find out what sustainable energy means for the development in the rural areas.

Uganda 2014 mapAccess to electricity in Uganda

Uganda, a country of over 240,000 km², is situated on the equator in Southern Africa. 30% of the Ugandan population of more than 34 million lives in poverty. The country holds the 164th position on the most recent Human Development Index of the UNDP.

Approximately 14% of the inhabitants have access to electricity. For inhabitants in rural areas, this is 7%, often limited to the cities and trading towns along the highway. The country is politically stable. The next elections will be held in 2016.


Facts & figures

Year founded   2010
Shareholders   100% FRES
Products and services   SHS
Number of customers   3,482
Number of energy stores   4
Number of employees   53
Capacity   516 KWp

FRES Uganda overview customers

Management FRES Uganda

Joselyne B. Musiime General Manager & Board Member
Coen de Ronde Chairman
Michiel Leunis Board Member
Mark van Niekerk Board Member

Ms Joselyne Musiime, Manager Marketing & Sales at FRES Uganda since 2011:
Joselyne B. Musiime: General Manager

Our biggest success was the massive customer growth and business expansion despite the fee- for-service approach of FRES being a new business model in the solar industry of Uganda compared to the culture of ownership. People now realise that our service is more secure and cheaper than the alternative to buy your own system on the market. The biggest challenge at the moment is the expansion of the national grid in our areas of operation. This leads to increased repossessions of SHS of customers that shift to the grid, while increasing our costs because we have to move farther in the villages to look for new customers.
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