FRES President Annemarie Goedmakers welcomed the audience before opening up proceedings with an overview of FRES’s achievements in 2012, which has seen 6 000 new clients being added between January and October. Annemarie presented the 2013 programme of activities for each company, and the strategy for FRES in the 2013-17 period.

On the different companies
FRES Director of Operations, Thad Hecker, presented an update on the newly established FRES Guinea Bissau Company, who have been fully operational since October. In the build-up to the commencement of installation operations, FRES professional trainer, Jean Paul Louineau, carried out technician training in late September which was well received by everyone involved. By the end of October, 79 clients had been connected with electricity, team morale is high and FRES Guinea Bissau are positive about meeting their 2012 target.

In the wake of Yeelen Ba’s ceremony for its 1000th client, President of the Yeelen Ba Board, Rob Costermans, presented the attendees with a historical perspective of the challenges the company has faced from its inception in 2008 to the successful company we see today.

Asantys’s Nicolas Rohrer provided a detailed account of the installation of the 6 solar mini-grids in Mali earlier this year. Nicolas touched on the system design, the logistical challenges of operating in rural Mali, the added challenges faced as a result of the March coup d’état, and the immense workload produced by the team of Yeelen Kura and Asantys.

Jaap van den Ende of ING gave an overview of their investment strategy with respect to FRES and their positive performance in the wake of a volatile few years in the market.

Before drinks and discussions, Frans A. van der Loo presented Annemarie Goedmakers and FRES with a generous donation of 6 solar home systems on behalf of his family, friends and work relatives. Frans has been a long time supporter of FRES and we would like to give special thanks to his fundraising activities and generosity.