Germain Traoré has good business sense. He’s the owner of a tea room in Badara (Burkina Faso) and runs a small cinema together with a friend.

An entrepreneur in Burkina Faso

The small cinema is run in a building right next to the tea room. Every sunday there’s a local market which brings a lot of people to the village of Badara. Among them a lot of visitors from the rural areas in the region. On a market day Germain has a lot of visitors. Many people enjoy a cup of tea at his tea room.

Big dreams

The electricity for the movie theatre is provided by a Solar Home System. “The movie theatre offers space to 20 people. Visitors pay an entrace fee to watch a movie. On busy days we show three movies. Unfortunately we cannot broadcast football matches, because we need a satellite antenna for that. If business stays this good, I one day might afford this antenna,” Germain tells us.

Germain is very happy with the way the solar system is working: “If there’s too much sand on the solar cells the power will go low. So then the system notifies me automatically with a blinking light and audio signal. That way I know I should clean the solar panels on the roof.”