Local customers on waiting list

The realisation of FRES’ solar mini-grid in Contuboel, Guinea-Bissau is progressing well. Under the coordination of local project manager Reinder Bouwmeester, the ground and site development works such as the construction of the solar arrays, technical buildings and fence wall, are currently being performed by local contractors and nearing completion. This will allow FRES Guiné-Bissau to have the solar panels and network grid to be installed shortly and to have the solar power plant operational by the end of the year.

Waiting list of customers
Meanwhile, a considerable amount of customers were and are still being added to the waiting list. This shows the enthusiasm and the strong need of the local community for affordable electricity access, and will lead to many members of the local community being connected to the mini-grid as soon as it is operational. This will on its turn lead to an immediate positive social and economic impact for the community.

Metselaars aan het werk voor FRES Contuboel in Guinea-Bissau Hekwerk voor solargrid in Contuboel Guinea-Bissau wordt geplaatst