On November 21st 2014, a new payment method was introduced to the clients of Yeelen Ba. The kick off event took place in Djigouera, at one of Yeelen Ba’s energy stores. Airtel Burkina Faso played a major role in making it possible for clients to now pay their energy bill by mobile phone. This is not only an extra service to the customer, it also helps Yeelen Ba to maintain a good payment rate.

How does mobile payment work?

Airtel Money gives people the possibility to load cash onto their mobile phone and transfer money. When using Airtel Money Yeelen Ba customers receive a text message when their payment is due. They can then immediately by phone confirm a payment. The amount is automatically transferred. Customers no longer need to deliver their payment in cash at the energy stores. Paying has become a lot easier! Yeelen Ba aims at getting all customers to start paying by mobile phone.

First customer ‘paying mobile’

To inform as many customers as possible about this new way of paying, Yeelen Ba organised a small event with music and dance. Airtel registered 30 new subscribers of Airtel Money on the spot. Yeelen Ba also registered 9 new customers who paid their monthly fee (35.000 FCFA) right away. Farmer Bakary Traoré was the first of the new customers to try the mobile payment service. Bakary grows, among other products, cotton and corn. He lives in the village of Djigouera where the event took place.

Joint campaign Airtel and FRES

Airtel Burkina Faso and FRES will also join forces in their campaign to gain new customers. The new service will definitely have a positive impact on this campaign.