With solar home systems (SHS), mini grids and multifunctional platforms in its portfolio, FRES can meet all the off-grid energy needs of individual households, communities and businesses as well as for community services and productive use.

Solar home systems
SHS customers can choose between several pre-set service levels depending on their individual energy needs. Installing multiple SHS systems can meet the energy needs of small businesses such as bars or shops as well as clinics, religious centers and schools.
Mini grids
A mini grid is a small electricity network that can connect domestic, commercial and community customers within a radius of a few kilometers with a solar power plant. This is composed of a field of solar panels, a large set of batteries and a backup generator.
Multifunctional Platforms
FRES can build multifunctional platforms that provide a tailored energy supply for a whole regional ecosystem of businesses and households. With partners this is can be combined with productive use offerings such as solar powered water pumps, irrigation, processing equipment and cold storage.

Unique fee-for-service model makes premium technology affordable

FRES provides electricity on the basis of a fee-for- service model. Customers pay a monthly fee using mobile payment and can upgrade systems when needed. FRES companies install and retain ownership of these systems, taking care of all maintenance and replacement investments. As a result, FRES companies are also responsible for collecting and recycling old systems, reducing waste and promoting circularity.