Aminata Coulibaly has been working as a midwife at the hospital of Baramba (Mali) for five years. The hospital is specialised in deliveries. The infrastructure and medical equipment are extremely basic, but at least there is artificial light.

Safer deliveries

The artificial light is generated by a system which was installed by Yeelen Kura and FRES. Aminata Coulibaly explains about the necessity of having light in the delivery room: “Babies can be born at any time of the day, they won’t wait until the sun has gone up. We’re on standby 24/7. Without electricity it would be almost impossible to guide a delivery without delay or complications. We used to work at the light of a petrol lamp, which was way too little.”

Maternity care

Pregnant women from all over the region prefer the professional guidance of Aminata over delivering at home. After the delivery they can stay at the hospital for a week, during which they receive all the care they need. All the rooms have electrical light, so that the new mothers can give their newborns all the necessary attention and care, also at night.