FRES project won an award in category Projects

Last week we proudly accepted the Off-Grid Experts-award for our project ‘Poverty alleviation and economic development in Mali’.  We are winner in Category B which stands for: Best project or initiative in the fields of rural electrification, water supply or industrial applications. The winning project provides solar-hybrid-grids in two of the poorest regions of Mali and is – according to the jury – An extraordinary project and extensive electrification project’.

FRES wins Off Grid Experts Award, Category projects

Watch the video of the nominees of Category Project

Off-Grid Experts Awards 2015
The Off-Grid Experts Awards honour companies, institutions and individuals for special achievements and developments in the Off-Grid sector. The competition awarded extraordinary performances as well as particular impressions related to “energy independence” in the four categories product, project, photo and filmlet. For the second time, international applicants were given the opportunity to apply for these different categories. Read more about the competition.