Sustainable energy for all

Development is impossible without electricity. That’s why FRES works on access to electricity for all people.

Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES) advances rural electrification in developing countries. By setting up small-scale commercial electricity companies in areas without a connection to the national electricity grid, we offer households and small companies access to electricity preferably derived from solar energy.

Africa’s rural population usually uses batteries, candles, kerosene and car batteries as light or electricity source. These are expensive and unsustainable solutions, which are harmful to health and environment. FRES companies offer a safe, healthy and sustainable alternative for the same or lower cost.


Millennium Development Goals

In 2020 FRES would like to provide 100,000 families and small businesses with safe, affordable and sustainable electricity. With its projects FRES helps achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. The availability of electricity contributes to poverty reduction and enhances the living conditions of the rural population:

  • Availability of light also in the evenings and at night
  • Economic growth
  • More safety on the streets thanks to (public) lighting
  • Less fire hazard from falling candles or oil lamps
  • Less indoor air pollution
  • Less damage to the environment
  • Better lighting and facilities in hospitals and schools
  • Improved access to means of communication such as radio, television and cell phones.
  • Lower costs for the same amount of lumen or kWh compared to the use of candles, oil lamps or private diesel generators.

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Infographic FRES companies 2016

Infographic of the impact of FRES Companies in 2016

How we work

FRES Netherlands provides the expertise and investments needed for the FRES businesses to start up, grow, and most importantly, become self-reliant. A new FRES company will be established in Cameroon soon. Currently we have four FRES companies in the following African countries:

Read more on how we establish new companies.