Electrifying rural villages with nano grids

Hard work is ongoing in the village of Konina in Mali, where the team of Yeelen Kura is digging trenches connecting a network of nano grids. Soon forty households will be enjoying access to solar electricity in their homes.

Building a network of nano grids can be a cost-effective and scalable solution for off-grid rural villages that are too small for a minigrid. Kudu’s for our local team for developing this new solution for our mission to leave no one behind!


FRES challenged its local teams this year to explore new opportunities for nano grids. So far with success. In Guinea-Bissau a shared refrigeration center was created for women selling cold products at markets. One nano grid was installed at the University of Gabú, which makes education in evening hours possible.

Our team in Burkina Faso used nanogrids to create small neighborhoods networks around productive users in the suburbs of cities that are not touched by the national grid.