Our Solar Services

FRES companies provide affordable solar electricity services of premium quality on a fee-for-service basis. Our diverse solar portfolio meets all the energy needs of households, communities and businesses in off-grid Africa.

Our service promise to our customers

Access to electricity is not something our customers want to worry about. That’s why our companies ensure reliable access to clean, affordable electricity – every night and every day, now and in the future. For this hassle-free service, customers pay a monthly service fee.

Our technicians and service agents
– size and design the appropriate solar system according to the specific customer needs
– supply and install all the equipment
– provide maintenance and repairs
– replace worn-out components
– provide information about daily use at no cost.

In short, our service offers quick installation and no worries about maintenance for a fee that is generally cheaper than the cost of candles, batteries, paraffin or kerosine. Plus: no emissions, harmful substances or the risk of fires.

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FRES Solutions

FRES offers a wide range of solar solutions, from individual solar home systems to village power systems.

  • Installing a SHS at a house in Kazo, Uganda

    Solar home systems

    Solar home systems (SHS) are ideal for individual households and small businesses. A standard SHS consists of a battery, a charge controller, solar panels and a PAYG mobile payment system. SHS customers can choose between pre-set service levels – from 80 Wp up to 320 Wp – based on their needs and budget. The entry-level models deliver sufficient electricity to power several lamps and a radio, small fan, mobile phone charger or television. The highest level is good for refrigeration.

  • Solar system for a hotel in Buba, Guinea-Bissau

    Solar businesses solutions

    Require capacity beyond our preset solar home system series? Anything is possible with our modular approach to individual solar systems. We can tailor our systems around the needs of small and medium sized businesses, professional services or rural institutions like schools or clinics. The design is based on required day and nighttime use, connected appliances and budget.

  • Nano grids

    A nano grid is as shared neighborhood network supplying 230 volts of electricity. A nano grid is installed at one central user. It can supply solar electricity to up to ten connections and can also support refrigerators or productive-use equipment. Nano grids include individual meters for each customer with a PAYG mobile payment system. Some of our nanogrids are run by rural women as a business on the side.

  • Microgrid for women cooperative and 20 sme's in the village of Kouakoualé, Burkina Faso

    Micro grid

    A micro grid is a small solar power plant. It is suitable for a small group of households or businesses that are located within 100 meters of each other. A micro grid has no central user like a nano grid. Instead, the solar array and batteries are installed in an open space. All customers receive 230 volts of electricity in their house or shop and can directly connect any normal device. Payments are made in advance using a prepaid system.

  • minigrid kolondieba, Mali

    Mini grids and solar street lighting

    A mini grid is a practical and cost-effective electricity solution for communities. It is a small electricity network that can connect between 350 and 500 consumers such as households, businesses, hospitals, schools and other institutions as well as supply street lighting within a radius of a few kilometers from the solar power plant. The power plant is composed of a field of solar panels, a large set of batteries and a backup generator. It also includes PAYG mobile payment. Mini grids provide 230 volts of electricity. Customers pay a small surplus to cover the costs of street lighting that benefits the whole community and contributes to safety at night.

  • Solar water pumping for a women cooperative in Mali

    Solar water pumping

    A solar water pumping system is powered by solar panels and can be used for commercial purposes such as irrigation of agricultural land. By using energy from the sun, the system eliminates manual labor and the need to burn fossil fuels. A solar water pumping installation is ideal for large, professional water users such as farming cooperatives.

Yeelen Kura technician Mariam Niaré doing maintenance work on a solar home system at a customer’s house in Nimbougou, Mali.

Mariam Niaré, Yeelen Kura technician, doing maintenance work on a solar home system at a customer's home in Nimbougou, Mali.

Photographer: John Kalapo