Multifunctional platform powering agroprocessing and SME’s in rural Burkina Faso

Cause for celebration in the village of Kouakoualé in Burkina Faso! Last week the inauguration took place of the solarized multifuctional platform powering a agroprocessing center for the local women cooperative as well as a microgrid connecting 20 SME’s and powering street lighting.

The installation was designed by FRES BURKINA FASO‘s Young Expert Lassina Davou after a consultation process including the the village leaders, its entrepreneurs and the women cooperative; and implemented in partnership with SysAid Group.

The agro-processing center is operational year-round and includes machines for milling of maize, millet and sorghum, for dehusking maize and preparing peanut butter. The cooperative can use it to process its own produce and can provide paid processing services to third parties.

This start with powering productive use is a stepping stone for further expansion: the intention is to expand the network in the coming years into a minigrid that will also supply the existing hospital and households with clean energy.

The project was made possible with support of United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the Young Expert Programmes of the Dutch Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.

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