Come and work with FRES!

At this moment we do not have any vacancies at FRES. However, please send us your motivation and CV to pursuade us, and we will look for possibilities or keep them on file for future opportunities at FRES. We are looking for ambitious volunteers and students to help us achieve our goals!

Did you just finish your studies and would you like to gain some work experience? Or did you just retire and suddenly find yourself with too much spare time? By getting involved with FRES you could gain some really nice and useful work experience. We are looking for people with knowledge of:

  • Technique (solar technology, batteries, economical lamps, etc.)
  • Business (finance, HRM, marketing)
  • Communication (web editing, public relations, fund raising, attracting clients)
  • Languages (French, English and Portugese)


FRES is looking for graduates or interns who would like to deepen a subject that delivers interesting knowledge to FRES – and for you an interesting interpretation of an assignment for your study program. We are looking for students who follow a programme in the field of:

  • Technique
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Cultural anthropology

How to apply

Are you interested and do you have specific ideas? Then please send your details (name, e-mail, telephone number, résumé) with a short explanation about your possible contribution as either a volunteer or student to

Review of Rachel – Master student at Technical University of Delft (NL)

‘I conducted an economic impact evaluation of FRES´s small business customers in Uganda as part of my master thesis research at TU Delft. Having worked for other NGO’s, I was impressed with the professionalism of the FRES Uganda staff and FRES´s innovative business model that seeks to reach a larger customer base. Most of the problems I see with other off grid lighting companies are associated with willingness to pay and maintenance. FRES addresses both of these issues fairly effectively although still their services can only be afforded by the slightly wealthier. Overall it was a productive few months, and it was encouraging to see FRES´s impact in a country that has a severe electricity shortage. With grid access unforeseeable in the near future for much of rural Uganda, solar home systems coupled with FRES´s innovative business model are an ideal alternative to increase electricity access in Uganda.’