ALER highlights advantages FRES’ energy-as-a-service model

FRES’ energy-as-a-service model is unique in making premium solar technology accessible and affordable, says ALER – Associação Lusófona de Energias Renováveis in its recent case study on Guinea-Bissau.

ALER did a case study on a recently finalized EU funded project that implemented “greater access to electricity in rural areas, promoting better community services and reliable and safe energy for families in 609 villages in the regions of Bafatá, Quinara, Tombali and Gabú, but also for companies, services and public entities in the region, therefore promoting the creation of local employment and business opportunities”.

ALER writes: “FRES considers energy as a service. The service model is unique in the country and has the following advantages: (1) very low initial investment cost, (2) fixed monthly fees, (3) customers with guaranteed functional service always, (4) no extra costs for maintenance and exchange of damaged material and, (5) flexibility in changing service levels (upgrade or downgrade)”.

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