Training on technical details of solar home systems

End of October Jean-paul Louineau, author of the “Practical Guide to solar photovoltaic systems for technicians” travelled to Gabu, Guinee Bissau to visit FRES . The aim of his visit was to provide a 5-day technical training course for staff of FRES Guiné Bissau. The course was attended by 27 people who were technicians, installers and chef de poste. The participants were instructed on the technical details of installing solar home systems at clients’ homes. Furthermore, quality assurance and service and maintenance were part of the curriculum. The training was very useful to many participants.

Reading the technical documentation - De technische documentatie lezen

Reading the technical documentation

during a practical - tijdens een praktijkles

Practical lesson

Prepaiment energy meters - De meters voor prepaiment-kaarten

Prepaiment energy meters

power plant of Bambadinca - energiecentrale van Bambadinca

Power plant of Bambadinca, inside

bambadinca: power plant outside/ energiecentrale buiten

Power plant of Bambadinca outside

Local radio with photovoltaic system - Lokale radio mbv fotovoltaïsch systeem

Local radio with photovoltaic system